Wednesday, 22 December 2010


I hear you say...yes I know I have been very lax in posting but  I just seem to be needing to catch up on my sleep every time I catch my breath.
There has been the Middle Eastern night at the nephews school with the belly dancer...
and the zumba dancers...
then there was the sister's birthday where we ate too much....and I only remembered to take pics of the food when we were
but the kids enjoyed themselves
and there was cake but it was also halloween so there was dressing up to be done!
Then came the mother type's birthday and I could not for the life of me find my camera by this time so when I get pics off the brothers camera I will post one or two. In amongst all this celebrating there was of course the work thing which just leaves me so tired this time of year...especially after all the little ones have so nicely shared their bugs with you by the sneezing/coughing/spluttering in your face.                                        
And then of course there was the almost being snowed in thing where I had to go to work the night before and sleep in an on-call room pre-empting the phone call in morning that would have started like this  'I cant come in because...
 I have done a little stitching as well but no pics right now, well one little one since I have just tonight finished the stocking I showed earlier...nothing like a deadline to get the creative juices flowing eh???
and with this nice view I bid you goodnight, and hope christmas finds you all well and enjoying the season with family and loved ones.