Thursday, 23 June 2011


I didn't realise it had been three weeks since my last post...oh well life takes over doesn't it??
Well since I was last here I have stitched my little heart out!!! There has been a finish...
And there has been a birthday...! Don't you just love that cake...Mmmm

And some other stitching going on too..a little progress on Red Pots - excuse the not ironed state :-)

and a whole heap of progress on QV......Only 3 pages to go....I best get cracking...
No stitching done yesterday since I spent most of the day surfing and generally faffing about on the computer, and blogger wouldn't let me upload pics so I couldn't post this. So now off I go to put a dent in those three pages for the rest of the afternoon. See you all soon :-)

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Update...and a giveaway!

Well I can't think of anything catchy to say and I'm more interested in playing with my new toy at the moment...LOL. Yep gots me a shiny new iphone and learning how to use it is such fun :-)

So I have three new WIP pics for you  first up will be QV and I am officially past the halfway point I am sure of that, 6/12 pages complete (plus a bit more of course).
Next up is a finish...all I have to do is add 2011 at the top notch of the heart and make it up. Will show a pic in a few weeks when it's all done ;-) And this is the GIVEAWAY chart. I offer it to the first person to post a comment on the condition that you pass it on when you have finished with it...DEAL??

Third is the Red Pots Sampler which is of course in PINK <big grin> and about a 1/4 of the border is done now

Finally, I leave you with a pic of Batman...he doesn't stand still long enough for me to take proper pics (I guess he doesn't want his identity blown) even though his cape proclaims him a FROG!!!

Ciao mes amis xx