Sunday, 28 August 2011

Another birthday!!!?

Yep, we just celebrated another birthday and the cake as usual was lush - take a look if you don't believe me

However the sugar junkie was only interested in these...and he ate most of you can see they weren't few!!!

Me on the other hand I did a bit of finishing on a couple charts that should have been finished Long ago <hint>

Then last but not least, there is my progress on the Red Pots which is not long to go now, then I can pick up another WIP to take it's place.
Yes. I know, it is woefully crumpled, but I will iron when It is finished and washed, until then you just have to humour me...and call me all sorts of names...I don't mind :-P
I haven't done much stitching as I am still quite sore, especially after the Physio was done pounding on me on Thurs, but I hope to get to my new start tomorrow. I  found out that my fabric is almost too short, but I can live with an inch and half margin top and bottom since I don't think this is one that will get framed, I'm leaning towards a hanging instead!
For all of you in the UK, have a great bank Holiday w/e, everybody else enjoy what's left of your sunday evening!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

I'm back!

Although I didn't go anywhere in the first place but a few good and not so good reasons kept me away...this is going to be quite long and photo heavy - just a little warning ;-)
Where do I start??? well after my last post I did some finishing for my friends ruby wedding anniversary present.
Then another idiot male driver decided not to stop when I did at a roundabout and not only rear-ended me but also gave me mild whiplash which has been giving me headaches and neck and shoulder pain for the last three weeks - so said car will be visiting the body shop again in about 10days!
Meantime said car went in for servicing and air condition was re-gassed etc only for said gas to be all leaked out in a couple days and garage needing to give me this Tin Can while they sorted it ...

On the stitchy front, I got me a lovely little PIF from Sally

Then I went for a job interview - well you know, one must challenge oneself sometimes... I think it went well even though I think they ambushed the three applicants...I got an email saying three people on panel...there were 5, count that FIVE when I turned up. Plus the fact that they all had time to go through my presentation and prepare questions since they insisted no USB, must email presentation before interview date! After all this...10 days later and they still haven't bothered to say yea or nay - not that I'm desperate, I already have a job but the principle!!!
I had some physio on wed and felt able to do some stitching the best news of all is my FINISH.....TA DA I used Isle Green 3207 for the words and letters and Meadow for the rest of the chart.

Started 21 Feb 2009 - Finished 19 Aug 2011. The pic isn't great since the sun keeps going into hiding, I won't be framing this till next summer 'cause I have plans to send it to Vikki's exhibition next June and framed will not be possible due to cost. Now I need to do some cutting and zigzagging for my next BAP start...not like I don't already have a few of those on the go...
This is my floss toss, if there is enough fabric, I have to go measure to be sure ;-)

I did do some stitching on the Red Pots but I don't have a pic and since I will stitch on it over the next few nights at work I will do an up to date pic next week, I hope not to be gone so long again...but I keep saying things like this don't I? Oh well that's life.
For now I'm off to have some wine with my sis, so no stitching today. Don't want the frogs to visit.
Ciao x