Sunday, 28 August 2011

Another birthday!!!?

Yep, we just celebrated another birthday and the cake as usual was lush - take a look if you don't believe me

However the sugar junkie was only interested in these...and he ate most of you can see they weren't few!!!

Me on the other hand I did a bit of finishing on a couple charts that should have been finished Long ago <hint>

Then last but not least, there is my progress on the Red Pots which is not long to go now, then I can pick up another WIP to take it's place.
Yes. I know, it is woefully crumpled, but I will iron when It is finished and washed, until then you just have to humour me...and call me all sorts of names...I don't mind :-P
I haven't done much stitching as I am still quite sore, especially after the Physio was done pounding on me on Thurs, but I hope to get to my new start tomorrow. I  found out that my fabric is almost too short, but I can live with an inch and half margin top and bottom since I don't think this is one that will get framed, I'm leaning towards a hanging instead!
For all of you in the UK, have a great bank Holiday w/e, everybody else enjoy what's left of your sunday evening!

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