Friday, 14 December 2012

Blog competition and slacking...

Well I am still slacking in the posting as you can all see...will have to give myself a stern talking to!!! In the meantime however I have just entered a giveaway on Nancy's blog and I hope to win myself some of her lovely floss... Or I will have to go buy it after the new year...she has some luscious colours I have been drooling over for a little while now!

This is a short post...will return with some pics as soon as I get my patoot in gear!!!

Ciao xx

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Well, well,well...

I have been gone for a record period this time around!!! There has been a lot happening, where do I start?
First I went on holiday right??? However, the day before I went I had an interview for a new job...moving sideways at work basically. I was successful, so I came back to my old job for a week before moving - this wasn't completely new as I'd worked on this ward for several years in an old life :-) Not long after this, my uncle passed away and I had to return home again for his funeral :-(

When I came back, the summer was in full swing...had some work done on the garden...still not finished!! And now again I have started another new job! This one completely new to me. I now work mon - fri 9 - 5 and have dropped a huge chunk of my pay...have to see if its something I can live with so in a few months I may be moving again!!!

Also...some idiot again hit the back of my car for the fourth time in three years!!!!! at the start of sept! Now I have a nice shiny new one and hopefully the colour is not so appealing that I get hit! After this abbreviated version of events...I have a few pics to add.

There are tons, I will add them a few at a time if thats ok with you all ;-), first is my new baby...

Oh, and there was a wedding too. Friend of mine, there will be a few more of those pics too :-)

And a birthday...although this is not the birthday boy <grin>

A little stitching was done too...

And a couple from my travels home! Those poor lobsters were brought in fresh for us to enjoy :-)

 And now I think it's time to go, will be back soon with lots more photos, ciao!

Tuesday, 31 January 2012


I have been, haven't I. Life has been fast paced and I'm trying to keep up...lots of plans to make. Lists to write and follow. I have done some stitching, although not as much as I could have been doing.
COA has reached page 25...and will stay there for the next little while ...
I have finished part 2 on the Advent Calender project...
Then moved on to basting...and basting...and basting...Yes, all 24 pockets have been basted. And I have started the first pocket

Now I will be going AWOL again as I go away next week and will return the first week of March!!! I will be taking the pockets and my Cirque de Carreaux (which has very little done) as my travelling companions, but aim to concentrate on the pockets.
Till next time...I bid you all good day...night...afternoon...