Saturday, 23 April 2011


is my middle name, or so I thought. I found out differently on Monday when I had two days off and had planned to finish THE essay so I was done and could have a nice Easter w/e. Here was I all primed to go when I find that I needed to have the 2...count that TWO assessments done before I could write...and they were still pending as I hadn't managed to pin my mentor down to do them. WHEN is this work due in I hear you ask? the 26th...yes next Tuesday!!! Well to cut a long story, assessments done, essay just finished an hour ago....hope you all had a nice Good Friday too.

On a good note I have lots of pics for you. My Thread and Eye mandala is growing slowly but surely
I have been putting in the time on QV....hence the name of this post...and I have hit the opposite corner at the Q the diagonal starts going upwards....yay. IT does grow pretty quickly when I sit for a couple of hours here and there.

I have startitis very badly at the moment and am looking to justify all new starts as I pull fabric or floss from their storage and drool...I have one new start and the justification for that is I have just been invited to a 40th wedding anniversary party and a store bought gift just wont be appreciated as much as a little stitched something...and since I had the perfect chart and thread it is all stash and no new purchases. It stitches up quite quickly and will finish in no time - just as well since said party is in July. Enough of the teasing right, this is how much I stitched in one sitting

I think its a 28ct natural evenweave and I'm using HDF of course, one of a few mystery spools I have. This is what the finished piece will look like and I hope to add initials on either side at the bottom and either this year or wedding year at the top of the heart.
The other chart I pulled out when I started this one....and it sits there taunting me every night...I can see it now!! is this one
I have pulled the thread I plan to use for it...Anchor...oh my...and aida fabric...what in heavens name!!! Well I have a ton of said fabric and saw the opportunity to use up some of that 30yr old stash that I just acquired so when I give in to the urge to pull out the sewing machine, cut and zigzag some fabric etc you might just see a few new starts.
Why do I say a few you ask me....well remember that post not so long ago where I had found my RED sampler...well I had floss has arrived and the only thing that stopped me from starting was THAT ESSAY...which is now done...oh how I will be stitching up a storm. My stitchy bug has been nipping at my toes for weeks now while the guilt has prevented me from doing too much.
Well spring has definitely sprung in this corner of Berkshire along with the rest of the UK and as soon as I mow that foot and half high grassy area out back that purports to be my backyard I shall be sitting in the swing all day when not at work and J*** next door will not have to wonder if I am ailing as the sun is out but I appear not to be!!! Yes, she was about to knock on my door to check up on me when I appeared out the back door on Monday, oh to be predictable.
I hope to be back in less than a month with a nice short post...instead of an essay. And I sincerely hope that you have not been bored if you managed to get down here xx