Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Well, well,well...

I have been gone for a record period this time around!!! There has been a lot happening, where do I start?
First I went on holiday right??? However, the day before I went I had an interview for a new job...moving sideways at work basically. I was successful, so I came back to my old job for a week before moving - this wasn't completely new as I'd worked on this ward for several years in an old life :-) Not long after this, my uncle passed away and I had to return home again for his funeral :-(

When I came back, the summer was in full swing...had some work done on the garden...still not finished!! And now again I have started another new job! This one completely new to me. I now work mon - fri 9 - 5 and have dropped a huge chunk of my pay...have to see if its something I can live with so in a few months I may be moving again!!!

Also...some idiot again hit the back of my car for the fourth time in three years!!!!! at the start of sept! Now I have a nice shiny new one and hopefully the colour is not so appealing that I get hit! After this abbreviated version of events...I have a few pics to add.

There are tons, I will add them a few at a time if thats ok with you all ;-), first is my new baby...

Oh, and there was a wedding too. Friend of mine, there will be a few more of those pics too :-)

And a birthday...although this is not the birthday boy <grin>

A little stitching was done too...

And a couple from my travels home! Those poor lobsters were brought in fresh for us to enjoy :-)

 And now I think it's time to go, will be back soon with lots more photos, ciao!