Tuesday, 18 January 2011

1st Finish of the year

Yes, I kid you not. This has been going for two years now and I just finished it... oooh yesterday now seeing as its well past midnight. Hopefully there will soon be more to follow, watch this space 'grin'. The pic is the best I could get in the circumstances...you know the one...tons of rain, grey skies, dull/dark, dreary day and of course not forgetting the indoor lighting system! I am just as tired these days as I have managed to add a course to my work days which will last for approx 12wks...so just up to easter. Wish me luck and I'll see you soon.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Happy New year!

Or is it too late to say that now? I am finally feeling like I am almost back in the land of the living after getting a particularly virulent version of the flu. I have been off work since I left in the middle of my night shift at 1am on the 26th with a very sore throat, coughing so much I felt as if my head was about to explode each time and conjunctivitis which is not something I am prone to!!! Now I have a lingering laryngitis and hope to be back at work by wed next week, wish me luck.

The kids loved christmas but I felt so bad that the only pics I took were the unveiling of the stocking and their quality isnt fantastic but there we go...


the comment here was wow...dont know when he learnt it but it was prevalent that morning :-)
The difference between the two was as I thought...very noticeable to a 5yr old but we managed to convince him that they were really the same size because his was wider and anyway he could get bigger presents in his...;-)

Now I see why it took me such a short time to finish the first one!!!
I also did a final finish on one item before the end of the year...I made it up the same night I was cutting my fabric for the 1/1/11 new start. Now I need to get a cushion pad big enough for it...don't ask what I was thinking when I made it up I don't know either...likely what happens when you do this sort of thing at stupid o'clock in the night LOL

and last but definitely not the least there is my new years start..which many of you will recognise straight away...hope you like my colours and teeny tiny start

Currently though I am focusing on this one since its so near to a finish, at the end of Dec it looked like this
and today this is how far I have got..the joys of being ill...I might actually finish it before the end of the month!
Thats the last row I'm on, the line of stitching along the bottom is to make sure that I dont overshoot since my counting has been so atrocious the whole time stitching on this particular piece of work...just cannot figure out how I went so wrong.
Well that's all for now folks, thanks for visiting and I hope your new year was great and continues to be fantastic.
God Bless xx