Tuesday, 31 January 2012


I have been, haven't I. Life has been fast paced and I'm trying to keep up...lots of plans to make. Lists to write and follow. I have done some stitching, although not as much as I could have been doing.
COA has reached page 25...and will stay there for the next little while ...
I have finished part 2 on the Advent Calender project...
Then moved on to basting...and basting...and basting...Yes, all 24 pockets have been basted. And I have started the first pocket

Now I will be going AWOL again as I go away next week and will return the first week of March!!! I will be taking the pockets and my Cirque de Carreaux (which has very little done) as my travelling companions, but aim to concentrate on the pockets.
Till next time...I bid you all good day...night...afternoon...

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