Sunday, 15 May 2011

Naughty, oh so naughty!

I have been REALLY naughty with not one but two starts...eeek. Oh well, at least I am having fun, right?
See the first time I did it was when I couldn't sleep last week, and instead of stressing about how I had to go to work the next morning and winding myself up the fabric was staring me in the face across the room along with I cut a piece and VOILA....
This is on 18ct aida...and is being stitched with some of the stash I got from Jean not too long ago. Colours will be Anchor 842 and 844 and the chart is that Red Pots Sampler from a few posts ago!
There has also been progress on my T&E mandala and I am now just over half way through as you can see

The heart is also at half way and moving towards a finish soon

But the Piece de Resistance is the start of Catherine Archer (hereafter only to be referred to as Catherine), I started this today after church and noticed a little boo-boo half way through letter B...I was stitching 1 x 1 and I had gridded my fabric for 1 x 2. So I finished my length of thread and did a little test in the margin of  1 over and 2 over and decided I preferred the 1 over anyway so I kept going and this is where I left off for the day

Sizewise if you're interested after all this is I think 34ct - according to my counting and this is how big they look at the mo

This was my floss toss, although the fabric looks quite pink in this light which it definitely isn't...a WHOLE hank of Vikki's Rubbed Red is what I am using...with tons left over now since I am on 1 x 1.
This hank came to me after I paid the ransom of the customs officers, along with some other beautiful red spools

And since you have stayed with me this long, I present to you my Precious...returned to me after his stay at the spa where he got a good massage, and is all shiny and refreshed ;-)


  1. Not naughty in my book. If I didn't hate kitting things up so much I'd have a lot more new starts I'm sure lol.
    Your hank of HDF is gorgeous and all those minis, yum.
    Your wips are coming along really well, I love the colourway you've chosen for the IC design.
    Glad you got your car back ok. I'm in the process of trying to get our car sorted today after some kind person reversed into it on Saturday :0(

  2. Definitely not naughty! I start several things and if it's what we enjoy why not! lol! You've made lovely progress on all your pieces.