Saturday, 22 October 2011

No Witty title...

With the best will in the world I cannot seem to come back any sooner than 4 weeks it seems...
What with stupid internet connections and having to go do a full time job it seems to be something of a challenge :-)
I have only one picture to show you at the moment..this is my progress on the COA SAL, I am actually all caught up to page 10...I did it on friday when it came out. Let's see if it continues...LOL
Well...that was last week when I started writing this post, I finally had to resort to restoring my system to a couple months earlier as it turned not to be my internet connection...but the blimming computer itself!!! May be time for a new one soon, I'll have to see what the ole bank balance says. Mean time I give you a second view of the fabric surrounding this stitching and will go start on page 12 tomorrow since I already stitched page 11 <big grin>

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