Sunday, 6 January 2013


Happy new year to one and all, warmest wishes for the new year from me to you xx

The first post of the year sees me offering a new pay it forward, to the first five (5) people who comment on this post I will send a little will be a surprise and will arrive at any time during the year. All you have to do is pay it forward in some form or other. If you have a blog, mention it there and offer one too, lets make it go... I am also offering one on my Facebook page, that will be a second one...this will make me stitch in some form or another I guess as I seem to only pick up smalls these days!!!

Ciao peeps, catch you on the flip side xx


  1. There's nothing wrong with stitching smalls! I prefer them because I'm more likely to get them completely finished - unlike all the things hidden in a drawer waiting to be framed. :-0

    I don't have a blog but I'd be thrilled to participate in your PIF - just let me know what I need to do.

  2. Nadia 6 January 2013 11:15
    True Connie, but I'm so attracted by BAPs..... Send me your snail mail for when I get you don't know when it's coming ;-) and if you participate in a stitching/reading/church group/forum...anything at all offer a PIF that way, you never know you might introduce someone new to the art :-)


    1. I enjoy those BAPs,too - to look at anyway! I've been very tempted by some of them but my largest scroll rods will only hold a fat 1/4 yard, so I've been able to resist. :-)

      Re PIF, I belong to several forums and stitching groups and am happy to send a little something on to someone else. As for my mailing addy, is it okay to send it to you via email from the HDF forum?

  3. I had to go check that I enabled the email before I said yes...;-) hope I did it right!