Sunday, 6 March 2011

Am I losing my ever loving mind???

You could say that when you see the size of my latest stitching...sometimes even I wonder.
You see, last sunday about this time this was the state of play
By the end of the day, this was what it looked like
By Wednesday we were here
by then my days off were over and I had to take a break, right??? Of course not, these were followed by night shifts so I carried on right where I had left off and by this morning...Ta Da
We have some colour. Why, I hear you ask did I say I was losing my mind...I reply with another question...Did you take note of the ruler that was so conspicuously present showing you the size of the piece??? That is one of Tracy fron Ink Circle's Mandalas, which if I was stitching on the recommended ct fabrics would measure from 5 3/4 - 8 inches square...MINE is 3 1/4 " But WHY you ask in bewilderment is it so is this size because in one of those moments I decided I would stitch it on 36ct 1x1.
I love it, it looks so dainty, but I now have to be SOOO careful not to forget those single little stitches that appear to have been swallowed up by the black outline that I was so clever to finish first. Now I need a break and will do a little bit of test stitching for relaxation before I hit the sack.

If you have read this far...thank you for your perseverance. I'm sure by now you are shaking your head at me saying 'crazy woman', well I agree with you...but I am sure this will not be the last time I push the boundaries of my stitching, especially since I appear to LOVE the miniature sizes this produces.
Til then, off I go (giggling maniacally) to the next project!


  1. Oh wow, Nadia, your mandala is amazing!!! How do you manage to see to stitch over one on 36 count! Lol! Although I have done a little stitching over one on it on my BBD AotH!

  2. Thank you so much Sally, doing the outline is great. When filling in is when it starts to get a bit hairy. x

  3. I've found over 1 - on 28 ct! - quite addicting, so I understand the appeal. I applaud your ability to stitch over 1 on 36 ct and I hope the filling in gets easier as you go.

  4. No you haven't lost your mind, but your eyesight may suffer :-) I'm sure you have a great magnifiying lamp (right ?), something I invested in recently. Your work is exquisite and the smaller it is the greater the my wonder !

  5. Oooo, how I adore Tracy's mandalas! Gorgeous on 36/1....and nuts! LOLOLOLOLOLOL ;-)