Monday, 21 March 2011

I Scored...

a bunch of threads on Sunday. Having been invited to visit with a nice Lady from the church who used to work with the Royal School of Needle work. She gave me all of these lovely colours, and some vintage threads too...
These are J&P/Coats craft/Anchor colours. You can see the colour families she liked

A bunch of Pearsalls Filoselle silks...mmm, nice and shiny

This lot is by Cartier & Bresson - took me a fair amount of google time to figure out that this was made by a company that merged with DMC in the early 60's!!! They feel so soft and silky although they are cotton.

Only a few DMC thank god as I already have a ton of it. Of which I don't use heaps of at the moment. Look at the labels on these skeins too, you can see how old some of them are in comparison with others.

Last but not see the labels on some of those skeins!!!!! How old would they be now I wonder, anyone care to enlighten me?
On the personal stitching front, I have spent the last few days stitching on Quaker Virtues which has been sadly neglected for the last year...OMG. Will post update pics in next post.
For this post I will show you my framed pair which I collected from the framers on Sunday, now I need to figure out how to hang them - I already know where they are going :-)

nice eh!!!

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