Thursday, 17 March 2011


Hmmm, for the first time in years I actually went to the Stitch & Craft show at Olympia in London on the first day... I usually go on the last day but since I had the time off and have made plans for Sunday I decided to go today and also the coach that goes to London regularly goes via Windsor and stops in front of Olympia on its way so no need to drive and look for parking space ;-)

I took a few photos, of which I will show you in a little while <grin> First I want you to look at pics of my stitching before you start drooling over the wonderful works I saw there.

This an update of my Thread and Eye Mandala as it stands now. I did a little bit of stitching on the way there and back but was too busy ogling the works of art to take it out there. So front of house....

Back door...;-)
And now, having shown you my crazy idea of stitching here come the pics of some of the things I saw today at Olympia...ENJOY

and a little close up section
A preview of the royal wedding

All of these were knit, stitched, quilted or felted in some form or other or combination thereof and looked absolutely stunning.
I loved the weird and wonderful tea cosies knitted to look like fruits and such
There were a lot of donations to the HERO fund, all on sale to raise money for the help the hero appeal
The tribute to the Foundling Museum was very touching with the pages of some of the books on display telling how/who was in the foundling home. One particularly touching one told of the child who came to the home and was christened on the same day his mother was buried.
All of these wonderful achievements made me want to break out the knitting needles immediately, but luckily I came across my saviour in the form of a beautiful red sampler that immediately made me want to sit down and start stitching. I have been umming and ahhing for the past weeks now seeing the Red samplers of the ladies on the HDF forum and wondering which chart to longer do I need to wonder. As soon as I get thread I will start...maybe even I'm sure I have a spool somewhere that I can start with until I get some more....

She can be found here for anybody interested....enabling going on here!
I hope you had pleasure coming round the stitch show with me, maybe next time I'll take more pictures although I didn't think you would be interested in the throngs of people, unless the exhibitors would interest you...I'm open to suggestions.
Till later xx

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  1. Nice progress on your mandala.

    Glad you enjoyed the show.